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Try this delicious "Fluffy Tuffy" cotton candy with a rich taste of strawberry. The real cotton candy provided by Mumma Foods. This candy is made with pure cane sugar and would class ingredients. "Fluffy Tuffy" Melts down into your mouth and for the better taste try with vanilla ice cream

Rich Orange

"Fluffy Tuffy" cotton candy in orange is the perfect way to great taste. Get the sweet,sour and yummy orange flavour in your own cotton candy.

Butter Scotch

The "Fluffy Tuffy" rich butterscotch taste. The flavour is yummy. Try any soft drinks like as 7up,Pepsi and other. It is cheap and repurchase worthy.

Green Apple

Chattt...Yum..!! The most likable cotton candy and the taste is sweet and sour.Healthy and Sweety. Try this sprite soft drinks.

Sweet Mango

Yessss.. !! Sweet mango "Fluffy Tuffy" is very very delicious because this flavour is king of the fruit. Try the taste extremely sweet and juicy with a hint of sour texture.

Tangy Lemon

Tangy lemon "Fluffy Tuffy" can be sweet or have a more sour flavour. The strong taste of lemon melts in your mouth.

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