About Us

Sweet Opening

The company started with a sudden idea. The first product was cotton candy, our insistence that we have to make India experience real taste. The two brothers who got the come out with branding and also with real international flavor. After doing a lot of work, today you have cotton cotton candy and other unique products besides this. Even further we will bring a lot of product.

Castumar First Always

The Mumma foods always keeps the customer in mind, that the taste will be liked and how clean it is prepared.Our products are completely cheap, so that they are in the limits of every class We always look forward to the customer service.

Quality Policy

Our products have been fully manufactured by automated machine and have been specially taken care of by the company. The raw material of the top class has been used, in no way is the quality agreement.

Company Key

The company was founded in 2018 The name of the company, prepared by two brothers, was named Mamma Foods in which the name of the elder brother is Harsh Vardhan and the name of the younger brother is Vikas Bansal. Harsh Vardhan has had a 6 year market experience and Vikas Bansal has 5 years of experience.And with them the love of millions of Indians and love of their mother, hence the name given to the company is "Mummm Foods - Taste with Love"


The goal of Mumma foods is to produce a lot of product in the future. Quality of our products is quality export very soon We have our own product Big Bazar, Big basket, Reliance Fresh,Hypercity, Aaramshop and Baazar Cart etc. And besides, you can find our products from the Railway station, Metro station very soon. Online stores such as Amazon, Paytm Mall, Flipkart ETC will be available to find our products.